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Switched Personal Site to Micro.blog

I've bitten the bullet and switched my personal site to be hosted on Micro.blog.


It's been a long time coming, I should have taken the plunge over a year ago when I first got the bug, but decided at the time to keep my WordPress site and cross post to Micro.blog. You can tell from my distinct lack of posts that I never really got into that, I mainly used the old site for announcing stuff (a bit like I'm doing now I suppose!), and only sporadically posted to Micro.blog itself, or Twitter for that matter.

So this move is part of an attempt to be more social, something that Brad Touesnard has said I suck at big time!

Brad Touesnard

It's also prompted by a desire to consolidate and clean up a few of my "web properties", with an emphasis on simplifying my hosting etc. There's some stuff coming down the pipe from Delicious Brains that I intend to use for my business stuff, but this personal stuff should hopefully flourish here.

coming down the pipe


"Switched Personal Site to Micro.blog" was published on August 8, 2018.