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Recently I was able to buy ianmjones.com, a slight upgrade to my existing ianmjones.net domain.

On re-appraisal of the old ianmjones.net as was, I felt that the site did not reflect who I am now, so I made the decision to start from scratch, to reboot if you will.

You are now reading the first post on that clean slate.

Some might say starting again with a clean slate is not in the spirit of blogging, surely a blog should morph and transform over time as you do, and still others might comment that at the very least I will be losing valuable search ranking.

I’m in the process of cleaning out and simplifying many aspects of my life, and this site is most definitely needing my attention, along with all my other web sites.

The majority of traffic to this site over the last couple of years has been to “off topic” posts about matters that have no long-term interest for me from people who in general won’t have any reason to ever return. That’s not very useful, to me, or to those visitors arriving by searches that I would never have occasion to try myself.

As the last post on the old site notes, my old site succumbed to the WordPress worm that has attacked older versions of WordPress and laid dormant until just recently. It's a good time to clean house.

Also, you may or may not have noticed, but this site does not have any form of commenting mechanism. This is not an over-sight, it is intentional. If you would like to comment on anything I should put up on this site, please feel free to send me an email, tweet, IM or even a dead tree letter, or better still write something thought-provoking on your own site.

Often, when this site has been re-born I've made some promises or shared some hopes as to what I expected to do with it, this time I make no such promises or declarations of intent.

Previous versions of this site can be found at:

old.ianmjones.com (covering dates 2004-09-30 to 2009-09-16)

old.ianmjones.net (covering dates 2002-02-11 to 2004-09-30)


"Reboot" was published on September 17, 2009.