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Options Pixie Pro Released, Finally.

Well, I finally did it, I got Options Pixie Pro 1.0 for WordPress finished and released!

Options Pixie Pro

After many late nights (but no weekends), I finally got to a point where I was very happy with how Options Pixie Pro was working, and confident that it provided enough value to be worthy of release.

Nights & Weekends podcast

It's pretty awesome to have a new product out in the wild, it's been over 10 years since I released my last product on my own, through pinching time here and there in the evenings.

over 10 years since I released my last product

It feels a bit weird too when I realise that Options Pixie Pro is new to everybody. I've been using it for months during my normal work day, especially when testing WP Offload S3 as it's been perfect for inspecting the options records created for its settings and processing queues. It's very handy too when you need to add, edit or delete options records to mimic various scenarios while testing a plugin.

WP Offload S3

Favourite Feature

I think one of my favourite features of Options Pixie Pro is how you can edit a Base64 encoded serialized array, or fix a broken serialized array hidden behind Base64 encoding. Options Pixie Pro lets you see the hidden serialized string, edit or auto-fix it, and re-encodes it for you on save. I can only assume that the reason theme developers Base64 encode their settings is to preserve extended character sets regardless of MySQL's character encoding settings, but now you can edit and auto-fix those values. And if you can't be bothered to count the number of characters in the string you've just edited deep within a serialized array or object string, no problem, as long as the format is still valid Options Pixie Pro will fix those pesky character counts for you on save.

Row Actions

Of course, there are row level and bulk actions for fixing serialized values...

Options Pixie Pro - Fix Serialized Row Action [IMG]

Options Pixie Pro - Fixed Serialized Record [IMG]

Bulk Actions

And the same goes for row and bulk actions for deleting records...

Options Pixie Pro - Delete Row Action [IMG]

Multisite Support

And if you manage a multisite install of WordPress, you can inspect, add, edit, delete and fix options records across all your subsites...

Options Pixie Pro - Multisites Supported [IMG]

Quick Demo

Below I've embedded a quick animated gif of me exercising some of the features of Options Pixie Pro, click it to get a larger format version.

options-pixie-pro-demo [IMG]

Full size demo video

Learning Experience

It's been quite some learning experience. There's a lot involved in developing any kind of software product that you intend to sell and support. Apart from the actual software development, getting a website set up to sell direct downloads is generally more involved than it might look at first. But the good thing is, once it's set up for the first product, the second should be a lot easier to add.

If you're looking to List, sort, search, view, add, edit, delete and fix your WordPress site's options records with style, then please pop over to my business site and take a look at Options Pixie Pro!

Take a look at Options Pixie Pro


"Options Pixie Pro Released, Finally." was published on May 26, 2016.