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New WordPress Plugin: Meta Pixie

Ever since I released Options Pixie to enable easy viewing of options records in a WordPress database, my colleague at Delicious Brains, Ashley Rich, has been bugging me virtually non-stop to create something that lets us look at postmeta records. It's really handy for us when working on WP Offload S3 to be able to see the metadata attached to a Media Library item.

Options Pixie

Delicious Brains

Ashley Rich

WP Offload S3

Well, a couple of weeks ago I finally found a few spare evenings to work on a new plugin that enables viewing of not only postmeta table records, but also commentmeta, termmeta, usermeta, and on multisite installs, sitemeta too.

Meta Pixie is now available from the WordPress Plugins repository, and once installed you'll find a Meta Pixie menu option within the Settings menu.

Meta Pixie

Meta Pixie screenshot [IMG]

Now you can inspect your WordPress metadata records to find out what's really going on. For example, you can easily check that a Media Library item has the correct thumbnail metadata.

You can also check the integrity of serialized values, Meta Pixie will highlight broken serialized values (i.e. where it expects a string to be 256 characters long but its actually 255).

For us on the WP Offload S3 team it's awesome to be able to view the plugin specific metadata that we need to generate, as well as settings stored in the sitemeta table of a multisite without having to resort to database admin tools. The rich view means we can easily see the structure of a serialized record without having to unpick plain text.

I'm considering creating a Meta Pixie Pro addon that enables add, edit, delete of metadata records, as well as fixing of broken serialized values. If this sounds like something you could use, please let me know by adding your vote to its product page.

Meta Pixie Pro


"New WordPress Plugin: Meta Pixie" was published on December 10, 2016.