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My First iOS Game: Missed Three

Update 2019-10-26: Missed Three is no longer available from the App Store, sorry.


Today I had an email from Apple to say that my first iOS game, Missed Three, had entered In Review status, which I thought was pretty good as it'd only been submitted for review a week ago. Then, just 30 minutes later I received another email to tell me that Missed Three was ready ~~for sale through the App Store~~.

Missed Three

I guess when you make what is probably the simplest game on the App Store, it doesn't take very long to review! ;-)

It really is a very simple game, keep tapping the targets as they appear, when you've missed a total of three the game is over. Of course, it starts off at a reasonably slow pace, giving you a little while to tap a target before it disappears, but as the game goes on the targets disappear in an ever shorter time. It really does get pretty hectic if you're doing well.

If you get a new high score, you get an opportunity to share it with a friend by sending them an email. I intentionally did not add sharing by Twitter, Facebook or any other social media as I don't like seeing those kinds of things pollute my timeline, so why would I make it easy to do that in my game? Just challenge your friends directly, you know who will or will not take up the challenge, so why annoy anyone else?

If you're looking for something short and sweet to challenge friends with, you can ~~purchase Missed Three from the App Store~~.


"My First iOS Game: Missed Three" was published on October 27, 2015.