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First Always Developing video recording failure 🤦️

Ugh, it had to happen at some point, and today was the day.

I couldn't record my daily Always Developing session this morning as I had a couple of things to do before work, and my computer was acting up and needed some TLC anyway. So instead I recorded session #30 this evening.

However, after finishing up a fantastic recording of me adding terminal emulator support to Snippet Pixie, I gave the mp4 file a quick preview only to find that it had no sound! ☹️

You can see me in the bottom right hand of the screen moving my lips and gesturing away, but alas my wonderfully eloquent commentary is unheard.

I tried checking the original mkv file, but it too has no sound.

It's a bit of a head-scratcher as I explicitly check the levels in OBS before every recording and it uses the mic directly, not the "system default". Although I do have to set the system default audio input and output devices after any reboot as otherwise it tends to pick the wrong devices, but I forgot to do that this morning when I was fixing some stuff up. I guess there's a difference between what OBS shows in the audio mixer and what is actually used for recording. 🤷️

It's quite annoying as the session went really well, and I was quite proud to be able to get Snippet Pixie working with terminals simply by holding down the Shift key when selecting a snippet from the Search and Paste window. I even prepared the 1.5.2 release on camera, which was a nice way of showing what kind of thing you need to do to release an update to the elementary OS App Center. Although I did have a problem right at the end with getting to the developer dashboard, which of course worked straight away after I finished recording.

Once I realised that the video was duff, I decided to check all my settings and make a follow-up recording to test that my audio was working again. So in session #30.1 I briefly explain what #30 was all about and gave a quick demo of the new version. As I'd already gone ahead and started the release process of Snippet Pixie 1.5.2 to the App Center, and pushed out the snap version already, I then went on to prepare and submit the nixpkgs/NixOS PR too. So if you're at all interested in how you release an update of a simple package to nixpkgs, Always Developing #30.1 might be worth a look.

[NO AUDIO] Adding terminal emulator support to Snippet Pixie (kinda) | Always Developing #30

Demo of new Snippet Pixie 1.5.2 and then submit to nixpkgs/NixOS | Always Developing #30.1

Yup, I decided to release #30 even though it has no sound, just for giggles. 😂️ This will be especially amusing to Erik, my team mate at Delicious Brains, as we have a bit of a running joke about audio problems with our daily stand-up meetings.

The good news is that Snippet Pixie's new ability to Shift-Ctrl-V paste a snippet into the command line or application like Vim running in a terminal, got lots of use while writing this little post! Simply using Shift-Return or Shift-Click in Snippet Pixie's Search and Paste window is incredibly convenient. 🎉️


"First Always Developing video recording failure 🤦️" was published on May 26, 2021.